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This work is inspired by a sweater belonging to my great uncle Roly. He frequently went through the elbows in his sweaters. His solution to this was to wear layers of tops so that different coloured elbows poked through. When the holes became too ragged my great-aunt Elizabeth (his sister) would darn them. I have a sweater of his that is darned and darned again and the arms are more mended yarn than original knitting. I am making a history of holes; at this point looking for knitted and woven holes, darning and mending, then recording and documenting them. Holes in clothing are evidence of wear; or neglect or absent mindedness; or moths. I like the care and tenderness invested in mending.

I propose using openstudio24 to extend the work in “MEND” project. I will invite other artists/residents of the cite internationale des artes to bring me an item of clothing with a hole in. I will mend their items during the day and return them that evening.

I will set up the space so that there are examples of other mended pieces so that visitors have an idea of what the mending can look like. And I will treat the day like a work day with the studio open to visitors from 10am-6pm.

My intention is to gather as many holes as possible. The project is in an early stage and it will be very helpful to be at openstudios24 to see what the response to MEND is in an unfamilair location. I am interested to see to what extent residents at cite repsond to the flyer I will send out in advance of my visit; will people bring holes? And why?

I am attracted to openstudio24 because of the generosity of the project. Also the simplicity of having one day to do an activity.